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Multiplayer » Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War 2

Game Information
Added on: May 29, 2015
Play Count: 695
File Size: 194.47 Kb
Author: multiplayerwar
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Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War is a turn based, multiplayer, simulation-strategy game. Draw the destination lines for your army to maintain and click ready to let the move take place.

‘Blitzkrieg - Multiplayer War’ is a turn based, multiplayer, simulation-strategy game.<br /><br />--------------<br />Instructions<br />--------------<br /><br />Watch the tutorial for visual help on how to play.<br /><br />-----------------<br />Game Objectives<br />-----------------<br /><br />Blitzkrieg Multiplayer War is a turn-based game<br /><br />Your objective is to take all cities (C) with your army.<br /><br />You draw your BATTLE LINE with the pencil tool.<br /><br />Press Ready (>) and your entire army will move to your BATTLE LINE.<br /><br />--------------<br />Strategy<br />--------------<br /><br />Important - keep your line connected to your cities (C). The more cities the better up to 4.<br /><br />Your BATTLE LINE must be connected to your cities for your armies to have any effect.<br /><br />Tiny black dots indicate your army is connected to your cities and is effective.<br /><br />You also need to own resources (R)<br /><br />--------------<br />Tools<br />--------------<br /><br />Pencil: Draws your battle destination line<br /><br />Eraser: Erases parts of your line.<br /><br />Clear(X): clears all your lines.<br /><br />Ready (>): Starts your army moving (red line = controls locked).<br /><br />--------------<br />Advice<br />--------------<br /><br />Cut off your enemy's armies from their cities to make them ineffective.<br /><br />Ensure your line is not too long and your army too thin - watch the destination gap size.

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