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Arcade » Blobby Breakout

Game Information
Added on: Feb 14, 2016
Play Count: 177
File Size: 634.17 Kb
Author: olltwit
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Use the bar to deflect your blobby towards the bricks to destroy them and 'breakout' your friends.

<p>The game is mouse controlled. Moving the mouse to the right or left moves the bar along the bottom of the screen. Use the bar to deflect your blobby towards the bricks to destroy them and 'breakout' your friends. The left hand section of the bar can deflect your Blobby to the left, the right section to the right and the middle deflects Blobby straight up. Blobby bounces at random off the walls and bricks. Press the Esc key to quit the game or the letter 'N' to start a new game.</p><br /><p></p><br /><p><strong>Blobby Friends</strong><br />These little guys are behind bars in the game. Bounce your Blobby against them to release them. Once released, Green Blobby friends, can help you break more bricks and can be deflected off your moving bar. However, if you miss them they can disappear beyond the bottom of the screen. Each brick is worth 22 points and a released blobby friend is worth 500 points and an extra life. Blue Blobby friends, from level 6 onwards, can destroy the Death icons but cannot be controlled by your bar and do not destroy bricks.</p><br /><p></p><br /><p><strong>Slippery Moss</strong><br />In the later levels, some of the bricks are covered with slippery moss which causes Blobby to slide rather than bounce.</p><br /><p></p><br /><p><strong>Death Icons and the Deadly Ooze</strong><br />Bouncing on the Death icons and dripping Deadly Ooze (level 7 and above), causes you to loose health, displayed at the top of the screen. Once your health is used up, you lose a life.</p>

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